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Recruitment of two foreign trade supervisor elite (one in Suzhou, one in Wuxi)

Salary is negotiable.

Job description:

1. responsible for sales of bio chemical, pharmaceutical intermediates and API at home and abroad.

2. collect and collate the information in the industry, analyze and study the market situation. According to customer needs and market changes, provide guidance for the company's product strategic planning.

3. According to the market development and the company's product strategic planning, formulate the overall sales strategy, sales plan and quantitative sales objectives;

4. Mainly responsible for the maintenance of old customers, promote the completion of orders, increase the scope of product sales, expand foreign trade marketing channels;

5. independently conduct customer research and order negotiations, responsible for customer relationship management;

6. Communicate with suppliers or relevant departments, provide timely service support to customers, and promptly promote the implementation of various projects;

Job requirements:

1.3-5 years working experience in biomedicine/chemical industry, bachelor degree or above, sales management experience is preferred.

2. CET-6, proficient in English, and have good English listening, speaking and writing skills, communication barrier free;

3. Has the ability of market analysis and judgment; Has the ability of effective market development, strong desire for sales and good negotiation skills;

4. Familiar with trade process and related laws and regulations, familiar with trade terminology, logistics, customs declaration and tax knowledge;

5. good management, communication, coordination and problem solving skills;

6. Highly responsible, enterprising, hardworking, hard-working, self-confident, full of vitality and team spirit.

Corporate benefits:

1, Suzhou industrial park five risks one gold, additional commercial insurance;

2, double break, enjoy the national statutory holidays and paid annual leave;

3, business phone, communication subsidy, meal supplement, etc.

4, employee birthday benefits, major holiday benefits;

5, quarterly business assessment commission, year-end bonus;

6, irregular group expansion tour;

7. Timely organize internal training or external training.

If you have intention to join us, you can send your resume to: info@chemtour.com


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