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Recruiting a sales assistant

Salary is negotiable.

Job description:

1. responsible for some merchandising work at home and abroad.

2. complete supplier quotations for customer enquiries and collate various indicators to select suitable suppliers.

3. Complete other work arranged by Sales Supervisor, communicate with relevant departments, and provide timely service support to customers.

Job requirements:

1. bachelor degree in biological medicine, chemical engineering or other related majors (accept Ying Jiesheng), CET-4;

2. good management, communication, coordination and problem solving skills;

3. Highly responsible, enterprising, hardworking, conscientious and careful work, self-confidence, full of vitality and team spirit.

Corporate benefits:

1, Suzhou industrial park five risks one gold, additional commercial insurance;

2, double break, enjoy the national statutory holidays and paid annual leave;

3, business phone, communication subsidy, meal supplement, etc.

4, employee birthday benefits, major holiday benefits;

5, quarterly business assessment commission, year-end bonus;

6, irregular group expansion tour;

7. Timely organize internal training or external training.

If you have intention to join us, you can send your resume to: o: info@chemtour.com


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