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Company new

Recruiting a general manager assistant intern.

Salary is negotiable.

Job description:

1. management of company website

2. complete the task assigned by the general manager.

Job requirements:

1. bachelor degree in biological medicine, chemical engineering or other related disciplines, CET-4;

2. good management, communication, coordination and problem solving skills;

3. Highly responsible, enterprising, hardworking, conscientious and careful work, self-confidence, full of vitality and team spirit.

Corporate benefits:

1. The Suzhou Industrial Park is entitled to five risks and one gold plus commercial insurance.

2, double break, enjoy the national statutory holidays and paid annual leave;

3, business phone, communication subsidy, meal supplement, etc.

4, employee birthday benefits, major holiday benefits;

5, quarterly business assessment commission, year-end bonus;

6, irregular group expansion tour;

7. Timely organize internal training or external training.

If you have intention to join us, you can send your resume to: info@chemtour.com


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